How do I fundraise for a park project?

Before you fundraise for a park, it is important to understand types of funding available and how they can be used to fund a park.

Now that you’ve connected with individuals and organizations that are enthusiastic about helping you start your project, shift your focus to how you’ll go about creating your park project. Ensuring funding for your project is essential to its completion. There are many sources of funding to help bring your open space vision to life.

As you tackle funding your park, consider diversifying the types of funding - capital and private - that will help make your project a reality. Many new city parks would not be possible without donations from developers, however it is important to have several sources of funding to ensure your park remains well maintained and cared for. You can also try NRPA’s Fund Your Park member benefit as another potential solution to secure funding for your project!

You can increase your funding by taking your initiative to a vote. 60 out of the 100 largest cities in America have voted for park conservation. If you’ve already actively engaged your community and have secured their support, ballot measures will link your project to a broader land vote and you can gain voter improved funding as a result.

Last but certainly not least, engage local businesses as both park advocates and funders. Since they’re invested in the community and its surroundings, open space can help improve their investment returns. Stores, banks, and buildings that border your park can benefit from value increases, increased tourism, and overall improved quality of life. By engaging this community group, you’ll only build a stronger case and portfolio to champion your park.